Monday, 25 June 2012

Frozen shoulder

Nowadays  the people who have diabetes ,stroke, lung and heart diseases often developed the pain and stiffness of one of the shoulder is generally known as "Frozen shoulder".the most common victims of this disorder are females of age group 40-60 yrs .  
        Frozen shoulder is medically known as adhesive capsulitis is a clinical condition where the surrounding tissues of shoulder (glenohumeral joint)becomes  inflamed and stiff, causing severe pain and difficulty in movements of the joint.It is mainly caused due to trauma,or by autoimmune component of bodyattacking with healthy tissue of the body.lack of synovial fluid in the joints also causes this condition.synovitis, rupture of capsule, subacromial bursitis may also cause this condition .
        Ayurveda says this is caused due to previous injury, over excercise, taking more quantities of food items which are dry ,  cold, salty, keeping awake at night, and indigestion the vata Doha gets vitiated absorbs the fluid in the joint, and also constricts the veins (siras) over the area, causing severe pain in the joint.this is condition is called " Apabahukam".

Treatment :

As the disease is caused due to accumulation of toxins in the joints.the treatment should aim to eliminate all toxins and treat the pain and stiffness in shodhana (purification ) is done as initial process.there various procedures for expulsion of vitiated doshas(toxins).
Virechana- will be the better choice.
Nasya. - therapeutic nasal drops are administered, after the abhyanga of face and neck part is called nasyam is very good remedy for Apabahukam .
Basti -basti treatment is done for eliminitating the vitiated vata from the body.kalabasti and yogbasti are good for frozen shoulder.
The therapies like patrapinda swedan, grivabasti/manyabasti  is helpfull in bringing down the pain, and Kerala therapies like elakizhi, pizichil, navarakizhi are also good treating this condition.
      The above therapies with the shamana chikitsa will be better choice for treatment they're Inflammation in joint  is reduced by ,yoga raj guggulu,triphala guggulu r maharanadi guggulu.The pain in the joint is reduced by mahavata vidhwansa rasa, vatagajankush ras,nirgundi, tagar, kurasani.The stiffness can be checked by trayodashang guggulu, ekangaveer ras , and herbs as shallaki, ashwagandha.
Prasaranyadi kashaya 20ml +40ml with lukewarm water , Tab trayodashang guggulu  bid Elakizhi for the one of the combination of treatment for frozen shoulder.


The person should be encouraged to eat unprocessed whole grains, fresh veggies,fruits.adopt healthy eating habits,include vitamin D in diet to strengthen the immune system it will minimise the risk of developing conditions that have an autoimmune component, including frozen shoulder.


Yoga postures help in strengthening the underlying musclesof shoulders,postures like bhujangasana Parvatasana, Gomukhasana ,Tadasana Some special techniques of stretching of muscles of shoulder joint is also been encouraged in this.phisiotherpy, and acupuncture are also helpful for the fast recovery along with the above medicines.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

         Medicinal values of Mango

Summer is the season when we can see variety of mangoes coming market . This delicious, sweet fruit is the favourite for many people across the world.perhaps that's the reason why it is called as' king of fruits'. It is grown all over the world for its high demand, although it is native plant of India and eastern islands. These can be grown well in tropical /  high temperature regions.

The  height of mango tree is 40ft -  120ft with 8 -12inch elongated leaves with pointed tip and  nice are in clusters,have greenish yellow in colour.fruits are green at beginning,then turn dark yellow,with reddish tinge on ripening.

Chemical Composition

The pulp contains mainly sucrose with lots of proteins and acids, like malic acid, tartaric acid, and vitamins such as A,C and D, antioxidants like beta-carotene, and also contain bioflavonoids which boosts the immune system in our body.

Ayurveda says mango is kaph pitta shamak i.e. antiphlegmetic and anti bilious,  astringent  promotes healing of ulcers, wounds. Unripe fruit is green in colour, sour in taste and can aggravate tridoshas if not consumed in proper way. Riped fruit is vata pitta shamak.acts like lubricant , strengthen heart, stops bleeding, promotes physical strength, and potency. It helps in inducing physical vigour, enhances the complexion of skin. It nourishes the dhatus(basic constituents), so it is used in emaciation, and prevents premature ageing process of body. Apart from these it used in various diseases in different forms.which as follows.

Teeth problems: Brushing the teeth with tender mango leaves and salt, prevents all germs and bad odour from mouth .and also checks bleeding from gums.

Respiratory disorders:Cough-ripe mango is baked on fire and cooled,slowly sucked cures the dry cough.
Hoarseness of voice-take 40gm of mango leaves and boil in water till it remains 1/4th part add some honey , sip this solution slowly helps in curing voice disturbances .

Digestive disorders
Loss of appetite - 6gm of mango leaves dried in shade and boil them in 250gm of water, when water is reduced to half strain it and little amount of milk and take it in the morning.

Excess of thirst:
Raw mango is cooked and added jaggery in it with water and cardamom powder relieves thirst in summer.

Take 5.5gm of kernel of mango and is cooked in water(100gm) and add mango seed ,the mixture is blend and given with curd and rice.
Equal quantities of kernels of mango seed and pulp are mixed well given 1gm 3times a day.
Juice of flowers with curds 1-2teaspoonis helpful.
Take young fresh mango plant ,blend it with curd to form paste, apply this paste around the stomach area can help in relieving in pain and diarrhoea .
Diarrhoea with bleeding-25ml of mango leaf extract with 12gms of each honey and milk and 6gm of ghee, mixed well given.
Diarrhoea in children -the kernels of mango are roasted and powdered .1-2gms with honey should be given twice a day.

Mango pulp preparation is very helpfully in colitis .
50gm of fresh mango pulp with sweet curd, and dry ginger or asafoetida powder is good remedy for colitis.

Intestinal worms300gms-500mg of powder of unripe mango seeds with curd /yogurt or water every morning and evening, will eliminate all worms.

Female disorders :Metrorrhagia-40 -50gm powder of extract of bark is given to the patient 2times in a day.controls bleeding due to menses, and piles.blended mixture of flower,bark,and decorticated kernel of mango is applied inside the vagina will check leucorrhoea, vaginitis, and lax walls of vagina will gain its normal elasticity.

Male disorders
Mango has many nutritive contents  in it help in enhancing sexual potency in males.
Pain in testes can be cured applying  blend of mangostem. Which has knots.followed by giving some heat to the testes.

Eczema and itching
An extract of mango while plucking them should be applied on affected skin results in formation of boils. Soon these boils swell and burst out. Will be treated by applying it 3-4 times.

Paste of kernel with water is applied on affected area provides immediate  relief.

Hair problems
Leaves of young stems of mango are ground to paste and applied on hair, will help the hair grow long and black.
Peel of unripe fruits and leaves are ground together, paste is mixed with oil and kept under sun. This oil is applied on hair, it checks out the falling of hair, and greying of hair as well.
According to unani, it is important medicine for nervous and blood system,and can be use in anaemia.